Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Back from the USA!

But she has LITERALLY not stopped since. Well, okay, maybe done a teeny bit of sleeping in between, but that's it.
Washington was absolutely gorgeous - all classical architecture, green spaces and beautiful monuments. Oh and flying First Class and staying in a $1,000-dollar a night hotel suite? Yep, those were pretty good too! Just a shame that the gorgeous, vast bed was just hers, and that the rooftop bar Champagne was shared with workmates. Lovely as they were, she hastens to add. But when you're in such a fabulous place, so obviously designed for couples, it really accentuates the singleness.
The only pick-ups she had were truly pitiful. They were:
1) The smiley Japanese lady who waved at her from a passing taxi
2) The afro-haired student in the sweaty club who seemed to think pointing passed as a chat-up line
3) The tour guide who looked like Moby who the others were determined to set her up with. They danced to A-ha and NWA and he looked a little awkward. Lovely, but awkward.
Ummm. That's it. Shameful, isn't it? But let's forget about dating (believe me, she is trying!).
The main thing is, she loved DC. She swooned over the Smithsonian, had the best sushi in her life, cycled round the Capitol, found her favourite bar in the world (The Gibson, U Street), lusted after the beautiful things in the shops, and loved her own company and her newfound work friends'.
And after all that? She did come home with a man, believe it or not.
He looks great in pants, comes with his own (magnetic) wardrobe, is living on her fridge (currently in superhero garb with a garland of flowers round his neck)... and goes by the name Obama.

Friday, 11 September 2009

A gap...

She has taken a little hiatus, both from the blog and from the dating world, as you may have noticed.
Don't take it personally folks, there was a possibly festival-related flu-ness thing going on, which required her to make her signature cocktail of blackcurrent Lemsip, apple squash and Bombay Sapphire.
Somehow she survived both the flu (okay, bad cold. whatever.) and that concoction, and was thrown back into the wonderful world of work, where things have been a bit too busy, it has to be said. Whatever happened to the silly season?
Anyway, she is very, very excited indeed about a trip to Washington DC next Friday, where she is hoping for some SATC (or should that be SADC?) action with a hot American politico. Look, it could happen, okay?? Don't burst her bubble just yet! Stranger things have happened on press trips, after all.
She is also trying to rope Miss H into some dating shenanigans - speed dating with wine tasting, and an indie dating night where everyone brings along their favourite record are the top two contenders at the mo. Any other quirky dating nights you know of? Send them this way!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Fast train to Dumpsville....

It had to be done. And so, despite her friends saying it was never going to happen, she told Daniel that this thing was never going to get off the ground. She did stop short of saying he was frigid, which is what Miss H (her festival buddy) was telling all and sundry at Reading on the weekend!
Urgh. It really is the worst thing to have to do. Especially with a three-day-festival-comedown-hangover while you're walking along watching everyone else having fun by the pubs in Hammersmith.
But she called (cop out? perchance.) and bumbled on for a little while about how much fun she'd had at Reading and asked how his weekend had been (he'd done "not much" other than having been to his brother's house. call her a bitchy cowface, but she likes to be intellectually stimulated and also occasionally made to feel a little jealous of the exciting things other people have been doing).
Anyway. She ummed and ahhed and then called it all off. Belted out the old lines about it being more of a friendship than a relationship and not really working out for her. She explained she was absolutely shit at doing things like this. Not sure if that helped. Felt a bit bad he then sent a text apologising if he had done anything wrong. Which he hadn't. Perhaps also suggesting they go out to gigs together was a bad idea as well. Altogether, she'd give herself a B-minus for her efforts. Did the deed, completed successfully, but hardly excelled at it.
She took herself off to Broken Embraces afterwards and for some cheap Chinese which somehow managed to make things feel a little better.
Hey-ho (and why is that entering the dictionary? But anyway) and, indeed, onwards and upwards. Next!