Saturday, 3 April 2010

Luck of the Irish

Sometimes, just sometimes, comes along a date that restores your faith in the Gods of Dating (and they exist - oh, they exist). She wasn't so much nervous about this date itself, more nervous in case she didn't fancy him. But she did. Oh, she did.
From the lopsided grin when he met her at the train station, to the protective arm thing he did when she nearly walked in front of a bus (now THAT would have been a bad start...), to the just simple NICENESS of him and how funny he is and the accent. Did she mention the accent? Argh, and she promised not to gush!
After a rash of bad dates, it's very hard not to get too excited about a great one. But there's nothing wrong in a little excitement, no? He says funny things, like: "I think I'd like to go into space... but only if there'd be something to see, like. I think the novelty of just seeing earth would wear off, after a bit....". Okay, maybe you had to be there.
She had a bit of date embarrassment in suggesting the bottle of wine she bought wasn't all that cold, so he offered to take it back - only to find she'd accidentally bought red instead. Oops! But somehow, it didn't matter. Not one bit.
Anyway, early days. Early, early days....

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