Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Part Two.

Do you remember the first time? The first time she met the festival boyfriend that is – the boy she met in a field with the most intense gaze in the whole, wide world. She never found the five-pound note on which he'd written Love in the Time of Cholera. But this year, this Reading Festival, she did find him. And reader? She'd married him. No, not the London Loves. Despite this unforgiveable, lengthy hiatus she is still happily unmarried. And after 15 months with the Irishman, now single again. No, it was the festival boyfriend's girlfriend who had married him.

It was really amazing to bump into him, though she kind of wished she hadn't been eating really grotesque festival food at the time. The kisses were kind of amazing too. The same stage, the same great bands, the same chat – it was seeming to be going swimmingly well. Only, why was he so apologetic and defensive? She joked about him having wives and children. Turned out it wasn't all that funny.

“I want to kiss you and punch you in the face at the same time, which is a really complex set of emotions. And would be physically quite difficult.”

Were her exact words after having her suspicions confirmed. What she then did, was say: “I can't do this.” Which was the right thing, the good thing, to do. Less good was avoiding him when she bumped into him the next day. But then, there was more festival fun to be had... Updates will come, promise. There is much ground to be caught up on

PS Hello Festival Boyfriend if you're reading this, having coaxed the name of the blog from my friend. Thanks for the fun. Radiohead truly will never sound the same again.

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