Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Here's what you missed... kind of.

It's not that she doesn't want to write about the Irishman, but it just feels a bit wrong. She may get round to it at some point. To be honest, she's just figuring out how she feels about being single again, and is a bit grateful that what happened at Reading seemed to break some kind of spell. He was the nicest guy, but ultimately, she didn't love him. Oldest story in the book. But it's the truth. And he never said he loved her and - worst crime of all - wouldn't hold her hand. Perhaps it's a little bit of a sad situation, perhaps it's wasted time that's the most frustrating. Yep, frustrating is probably the word to sum up the whole relationship.

Anyhow - she's still in love with Uni Boy. But you guessed that, right..?? She's trying to let it go, don't worry. Umm yeah, STILL trying to let it go.

However, for the first time in forever, she has a date. On Friday. With the brother of her new best friend. Whom she met at her wedding, but oh-so-briefly that this feels like a blind date, if anything. He lives out of town and has asked to stay at hers ("on a sofa or a stairwell", in his words). Is that weird? She can't work it out. In any case, she'd better tidy her room...

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